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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Welcome to the Gympie RSL Veteran Centre, where we are dedicated to serving veterans and their families by providing a range of vital services tailored to their needs.

We offer welfare support, including financial assistance, housing support, and health care referrals. Our team assists veterans in navigating government agencies and advocates on their behalf to ensure they receive the entitlements and benefits they deserve. We provide guidance and assistance with paperwork, claims, and applications related to veterans’ affairs benefits, pensions, and compensation.

Access to professional counselling services and mental health support programs is available to address issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges faced by veterans. We organize social activities, events, and programs aimed at fostering camaraderie, companionship, and a sense of belonging among veterans and their families.

Our support includes skills development, job placement, education, training opportunities, and career transition services to help veterans successfully reintegrate into civilian life. We collaborate with other community organizations, government agencies, and service providers to ensure veterans have access to a comprehensive network of support and resources.

At the Gympie RSL Veteran Centre, we play a crucial role in supporting the health, well-being, and overall quality of life for veterans and their families in the Gympie region. We are here to serve those who have served us, providing a helping hand when it’s needed most.

Community Raffles

Throughout the years, Gympie RSL has been a dedicated supporter of numerous local charities, providing crucial funding and resources to organizations addressing a wide range of needs within the community. From supporting youth programs and education initiatives to aiding vulnerable populations and promoting health and wellness, Gympie RSL’s contributions have left a lasting impact on the community it proudly serves.

Gympie RSL’s dedication to supporting local charities extends beyond financial contributions, with the organization actively engaging in volunteerism, advocacy, and collaboration to address pressing community needs. By working hand in hand with local charities and community partners, Gympie RSL strives to foster positive change and create opportunities for growth and development across the region.

Hosting weekly raffles, the Gympie RSL supports various community organizations and initiatives in the Gympie region. They often collaborate with local charities, schools, sporting clubs, and other community groups to provide assistance, fundraising support, and resources.